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19 Jan 2024

Housing construction to support improvement of community facilities at Halsnead Garden Village

Earth from the construction of new homes at Halsnead Garden Village will be used to improve community facilities in the area.

Over 600 cubic metres of top soil from the ongoing Bloor housing development will be used to support the levelling and landscaping works at Mellors Pond and improvements to the playing fields on Windy Arbor Road.

The soil has been tested to ensure it is the appropriate grade quality to be used as part of the improvement works.

The soil will be transported by heavy goods vehicle to the facility, which is currently closed to the public while improvement works are undertaken, on Wednesday 24 January.

Mellors Pond is to benefit from 15 new fully accessible fishing pegs and levelling works around the pond.

The improvement works will also see the creation of new areas of wetland habitat and tree planting around Mellors Pond, along with water quality improvements.

The enhancements will improve the climate change resilience of the site through better drainage and increasing biodiversity through habitat management and creation.

Joseph Rittenburg, Chair of the Mellors Angling Association, said: “We are really excited by the improvements taking place at Mellors Pond. The work being delivered will benefit all users and make Mellors Pond more accessible to everyone. Not only will it look a lot more attractive it will make it a lot more sustainable for the future. There’s still work to be done but the progress is fantastic given where we started. It’s something the anglers are already really proud of and I’m sure it’s a facility the whole community will enjoy.”

Improvement works are also progressing at neighbouring Whiston Juniors – another community facility linked to Halsnead Garden Village.

The club is benefitting from around £1m of investment from Knowsley Council, which will include new changing facilities, improved playing pitches and a new sports pavilion at the facility on Windy Arbor Road.

A new car park, which will provide 35 car parking spaces, 3 disabled parking bays, 2 minibus parking spaces and bicycle parking facilities in line with recommended Football Association standards, has recently been completed.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Cabinet member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, said: “Green and open spaces will be at the heart of the Halsnead Garden Village development. Improved community facilities, such as at Mellors Pond and Whiston Juniors, will also provide a major benefit to new and existing residents. The improvement works are really coming along at Mellors Pond. It is going to be a tremendous asset to the local community.”

Cllr Tony Brennan, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development, said: “Recreational facilities and high-quality outdoor space will be integral to life at Halsnead Garden Village and there for everyone in the local area to enjoy and benefit from. Existing community facilities will benefit from major enhancements. It’s fantastic to see work progressing. You can see the difference already is really striking.”